Winter Solstice: A yoga workshop for rest and renewal

Join us Friday, Dec 20 at 7pm at Sunshine Yoga for a lovely solstice practice.. $15 now, $22 at the door. It'll be a warming, renewing practice with lots of our lovely friends.

Winter Solstice: A workshop for rest and renewal

The word solstice comes from the Latin "sol," or sun, and "sistere," or to stand still. This is a time during the season when the sun’s path appears to come to a stop before reversing direction. It also called the longest night of the year, and traditionally, people celebrated it by gathering around fires for warmth and to observe the coming light after the winter season's slumber. The winter solstice is a time to pause and reflect, to cultivate vitality, and to nurture ourselves. During this candlelight practice, we will use several practices of yoga, including postures and meditation to move into stillness. We will set an intention during this practice as a guide for us to use when we return to our lives -- and we will, refreshed and strengthened for the new year to come. 8600 W. 159th. St., http://sunshineyogaandspa.com/  708-873-6030


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