Orland Fire Protection Foundation Starts Scholarship Program for Aspiring Firefighters, EMTs

The Foundation's annual fundraiser will be held May 15. Some of the funds raised will be divvied up among future firefighters and EMTs.

The Orland Fire Protection District¹s Foundation will launch a scholarship program that will provide four scholarships each year to encourage young people to pursue careers in firefighting and emergency medical services.

Patricia Brucki, who serves as a Foundation trustee, said that the scholarship funds will come from the Foundation¹s annual fundraising efforts which cover a variety of projects including the popular Community CARE program, the kids fire and life safety camp and Knox boxes.

The next fundraiser is scheduled for May 15 at 94 West Steak & Seafood Restaurant, from 6 pm until  8:30 pm.

"We want to encourage and help young people to look at firefighting as a career option and we think the scholarships will help give them the base to get started," Brucki explained.

"So many people come up and ask about pursuing firefighting and EMS as a career and we think there is nothing more noble than dedicating your life to helping those in need."

Brucki said the OFPD Foundation will offer four scholarships for $1,000 each beginning next year. Two scholarships will go to the public and two will go to children of firefighters to encourage a family tradition in public emergency service.

"We are still working out all of the details but we hope to be able to present the scholarships next year," Brucki said.

The Foundation provides financial and volunteer assistance to the Kids Fire and Safety Camp, creates Awareness T-shirts for the Community CARE Program, and provides funding support for the purchase of AEDs for public businesses and organizations such as the Teen Bridge Center.

"Looking to the future, we are in the process of creating a 'legacy Scholarship' for the sons and daughters of fire service personnel,” Brucki said.

Brucki noted that the event will feature raffles, music and entertainment, food and refreshments, plus attendees will be able to pose for photos with the OFPD Hook and Ladder Fire Truck which will be at the reception.

In April of 2012 the Orland Fire Foundation was re-established to include members of the Board of Trustees, the administration, the Union, and the community at large.

To donate or purchase tickets for the May 15 fundraiser at 94 West Restaurant, click here.


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