'Puppy Mill Project' Turns to Social Media to Spread Word on Orland Park Ban

The Puppy Mill Project is trying to spread the word to contact the Orland Park Public Safety Committee regarding the village's possible ban.

Orland Park officials are considering a ban on the sale of animals originating in puppy mills, and a major opponent of the commercial breeders has taken to social media to inspire residents.

The Puppy Mill Project, which played a large part in Cook County's passing of a similar ban, is invoking Orland Park residents to speak up to the Orland Park Public Safety Committee. The group urges residents to contact the committee by May 18. 

Last month,  the Cook County Board of Commissioners unanimously approved the Cook County Companion Animal & Consumer Protection Ordinance, a proposal led by Cook County Commissioner John Fritchey and The Puppy Mill Project, joining the City of Chicago ordinance already in place. 

The ordinance limits the retail sale of puppies, kittens and rabbits in Cook County pet stores to animals sourced from shelters, humane adoption centers and small scale breeders. The new law will take effect on October 1, 2014.

As a home rule community, Orland Park has the option of tailoring its own regulations. 

The committee met April 21 to take a first look at a similar ban within village limits. 

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voklst May 13, 2014 at 07:04 PM
As posted in the Orland Park Patch. To the powers that be, Both of my families dogs (West Highland Terriers) were purchased at a pet/puppy store. One right here in Orland 'Happiness is Pets'. Nothing but good things to say about either store. Certainly the best dogs I've ever owned. 2 shelters turned us down. Our current home has no fence. "You can't have a dog from us" The other shelter said, "your daughter is only 9 yrs old, come back when she is 12 years old or older.. Well we never went back. At all. We never will. I certainly will go to a private breeder. I recently wrote an email asking several questions about a dog I saw up for adoption thru the petsmart adoption program.... None of my questions were ever answered . Not at all. I had ' just spent two hours 'of my time reading the site, checking out the pooches. I had questions.... the main question? "Will that particular pooch be at the adoption this Saturday at Petsmart? (I emailed on Thursday) On Tuesday I received a one liner response. "Read out entire website and fill out an application....." Well had they actually read my email they would have known... I already did that. This place needs volunteers and foster homes. They dont even read the email...hows that going to happen? Its a shame our family really wanted that pooch! So go ahead change the laws, I too am against puppy mills, but not shops where eveything is compliant to code! We surely will NOT be getting any shelter dogs, after all we dont have a fence. Our now 17 yr. old has 2 Westies we love a whole lot. VOKLST@yahoo.com (Orland resident for 42 years, Yes, I remember the Robert Hall Mens store) P.s. if you want to purchase your animals at a humane society, great, you have the freedom to do so. (Unless they, 1) deny you or 2) regurg the transfer.) Please allow me the same freedom, with codes, laws, rules followed. It does not make your family or pet(s) better than my family or pet(s) because you did so. Nor mine yours.  


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