'A Man in Illinois Has No Father Rights': Patch Comments of the Week

"Wanted for Child Support" post prompts vigorous debate on the south suburban Patch network.

In response to the post , several Patch commenters took issue with the way the system treats men.


"If you are a man in Illinois, you have absolutely no father rights. Courts are so pro-woman it isn't even funny. Equality my pink butt."


"How about posting the pictures and address of the vindictive, selfish, scorned "Ex" who continue to take the non-custodial parents to court who paid in excess of support owed??? Instead of wasting the taxpayers' and court system's time, and padding the bank accounts of these low life legalized thiefs they call "Divorce Attorneys"?

And writes:

 "The article lists a woman, as well. There are many horror stories when it comes to child support issues and the governments way of dealing with it, and these stories come from both sides, and male and female alike. This is why positive change never occurs, everyone forgets THE most important thing. It's about the children."

Michael Nardoni April 18, 2012 at 01:19 PM
Men are not vocal enough in large enough numbers to effect a change. Organize, protest, and vote for Pro father rights candidates.
Carrie A. April 19, 2012 at 07:09 AM
There are hundreds of Illinois groups who stand for change , have rallies , participate along side with legislatures and short of the real hardships in family domestic courtrooms / cases ( divorce , custody , visitation , child - support etc .. ) the awareness to uphold the rights of parents and children is a societal , community , state wide Emergency and lives depend on it . Mothers , Fathers Grand parents , Siblings and extended family members must stand together as a Unit and protect their traditions , values and morals against the profitable crooked system who does not care about them but they expect to be paid . The largest human tragedy of the century in our country is in family law courtrooms . Life is significant when belonging to your family . Why do the cherades of this epidemic cause harm , suffering , suicides , homicides , child drop -outs , homelessness , addictions , estrangement , hunger etc .. The change must come by people individually and collectively to protect the institution of family .
Paul May 07, 2012 at 06:47 PM
I have two children from a previous marriage in which I have full custody of. I retired from the military and raised my older two children for the last 15 years. Capitalizing on my retirement check, 90% disability check and my current job check, the judge has ordered me to pay 1800 a month for one child who is now 3 and stated the mother is not required to work. In addition to my very decorated career and spic an span clean record (with the law) the judge awarded custody to the mother only allowing me to see my princess every other weekend and pay half the day care even though the mother does not work. The mother was convicted of Domestic violence on me and my oldest daughter. She was convicted for battering a patron at a bar and having illegal narcotics on her. She had been arrested for DUI, Theft, and many other things. The judge did not even consider any of these infractions. The judge saw unedited video of the severe beatings the mother would inflict on me and ignored them. Instead, the judge was more concerned with the mothers testimony of my alleged PTSD due to sever combat tours in Iraq and Afganistan. In short, the tender years doctrine is still in play. Had i known i would face such a corrupt system in this country i would have chosen to die honorably on the battle field. Suggestions?
Richard November 29, 2012 at 05:07 PM
i love how these agencys never report the TRUE stats of mothers that out number fathers in child support reage...i wish they would create a smillar wall on mothers/women who interfier with child vistation, i bet you it would be bigger than the vietnam memorial
Richard November 29, 2012 at 06:40 PM
you are so corrrect!


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