Allan Kustok Attorney Grills Expert Witness For Entire Day, Still Not Done With Him

An expert prosecution witness at Allan Kustok's murder trial spent the last two days on the stand.

Allan Kustok
Allan Kustok
Crime scene reconstructionist Rod Englert has been billing Cook County $395 an hour for his work on the Jeanie Kustok murder case, and his wallet's going to be a lot heavier when he finally gets away from Bridgeview.

Englert spent all of Tuesday and Wednesday on the witness stand. He also testified for about five hours just before the jury was seated last month for the murder trial of Kustok's husband, Allan Kustok.

Englert, a former Los Angeles and Portland, OR, cop, pieced together the death scene in the Kustoks' bedroom. On Wednesday he explained to the jury how he did that and came to the conclusion that any notion Jeanie Kustok killed herself—either intentionally or accidentally—was implausible.

Englert also said Jeanie Kustok's killer was wearing her husband's T-shirt, shorts and eyeglasses when he pulled the trigger on a .357 Magnum and shot her in the face. He said blood stains on the clothing and glasses helped him determine they were on the gunman at the time of the shooting.

Throughout Wednesday, Englert defended his theories, career and work on the case against a relentless, lengthy attack from defense attorney Laura Marosk.

And Marosk is not finished with Englert—her cross examination lasted into Wednesday evening and was scheduled to resume Thursday morning.

Jeanie Kustok was shot through the face as she lay in bed in September 2010. Allan Kustok, 63, claimed he was actually asleep at the time his wife was killed, according to videotaped statements he made to police. Allan Kustok explained that a gunshot woke him up and he discovered his wife was dead next to him in bed.

Englert testified earlier that he charged the county more than $78,000 for his work prior to returning for the pretrial hearing last month.

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