Attorneys Done Exchanging Evidence in BB Gun Carjacking Case

Lawyers said Thursday that they are finished with the discovery phase of the felony carjacking case against Jonathan Sarolas and April Schmidt, who are accused of stealing the car of an Orland Park restaurant employee with a BB gun.

Attorneys for both sides have finished exchanging evidence in a felony case against two people accused of carjacking an Orland Park restaurant employee with a BB gun, officials said Thursday.

The next court date for Jonathan Sarolas, 24, and April Schmidt, 23, may include pre-trial motions, though a defense attorney for Sarolas hasn't ruled out a plea agreement before then.

"There's always the chance of an agreement," attorney Gus Kostopoulos told Patch after a brief status hearing on the case in Judge John J. Hynes' Bridgeview courtroom.

However, "I haven't spoken to any [prosecutors] about it," he added.

Police say Sarolas held up the employee with a BB pistol and stole her car keys and purse, before Sarolas and Schmidt fled the parking lot of Red Lobster in Orland Park, in the employee's car. After a police chase, Schmidt was picked up near the car and Sarolas was arrested days later. He had been released from prison 11 days before the incident from a sentence, authorities said.

Sarolas has been back in the Illinois Department of Corrections since his arrest while Schmidt is out on bail. Both appeared in court Thursday but didn't address the court.

The next court date is scheduled for Jan. 10.

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TM November 26, 2012 at 01:19 PM
So sad, a BB Gun for real? . Look at the woman's photo she looks like she is ready to burst out in tear's . What a joke. Dont Do The Crime, If Your Going To Cry About Doing Time. What a Joke. I bet she was not crying when they did that to the Employee. Funny they only cry when they get caught. Happened to me a few years back. But PEPPER SPRAY saved me, cause I sprayed it the eyes and and I kicked the guy in the groin at 4 times..... He will never try to steal a car again.. Maybe next time he will end up getting shot.


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