Body Pulled from Maple Lake Near Where Missing Man's Car Was Found

Police won't say if body pulled from Maple Lake Tuesday morning is that of missing Oak Lawn man, Alpha Sabbithi. Awaiting official confirmation from Cook County Medical Examiner's office.

The body of a male was pulled Maple Lake in the Cook County Forest Preserve on Tuesday morning.

would not confirm if the body was that of

Sabbithi’s car was found parked at the gate of Maple Lake at 95th Street and Wolf Road with his cell phone, car keys and wallet locked inside. A police bloodhound tracked the missing man's scent to the lake, but it was lost there.

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Family members told police that Sabbithi had recently appeared depressed, but was not taking medication or being treated for it.

Law enforcement agencies had been s

“We were notified by forest preserve police that a body was found in the lake this morning,” Oak Lawn Division Chief Michael Kaufmann said. “At this point, official confirmation is going to have to be made by the Cook County Medical Exmainer.”

Kaufmann said that the clothing on the body was consistent with information given to police by Sabbithi’s family—a black t-shirt with the word “Hollywood” written across it in white letters, and brown cargo pants.

“Our detectives have been in contact with the family and they’re aware of what transpired,” Kaufmann said. “If this is the case, then at least they’ll have some resolution. They’re a very nice family.”

An autopsy is expected to take place at the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office on Wednesday.

Ken Szeredy, who operates the boat house at Maple Lake, told Patch that the body was found at approximately 11 a.m., about seven feet offshore near where Sabbithi’s car was found.

“The fire department came with hooks and pulled the body to shore,” Szeredy said. “The body already had rigor mortis.”

Szeredy believed that a man fishing at the lake may have spotted the body and called police.

Maple Lake is 21 feet deep at its deepest and there have been others who have drowned there. Szeredy said the depth of the lake “drops off pretty quick” from the shoreline.

“They looked everywhere except for where the car was found,” Szeredy said. “It only would have taken two or three minutes to walk there from the car.”

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sanch August 21, 2012 at 09:12 PM
My prayer and condolence is going for the grief family.
Nana August 21, 2012 at 09:22 PM
Im so sorry My heart goes out to the family. Praying for all of them during this tragic & devastating time. Thanks to all who tried to help find him.
Roscoe Benjamin August 22, 2012 at 12:48 AM
May God's love, comfort and abiding grace be with this family at this time of grief. Assure the family of our continued prayers. --- Pastor Roscoe Benjamin & staff, Director of Pastoral Care, MacNeal hospital
Maggie August 22, 2012 at 05:14 AM
Sending his family prayers for the strength & faith. Heart breaking
Bloodrevenge August 27, 2012 at 01:39 PM
Mr. Shmoo, or do you want me to call by your real name, Mr. Shavedlongcock, or Mr. IvotedforObama? How are you this morning? I hope you have slept well, since you are facing tough times. I read you are up for criticizing a Chicago Police officer who was not acting as he should have and then you also give the police some credit: no officer's fault. How come you know that Mr. Szeredy was not there Sunday morning from the beginning of the search to the end? Because you were, of course, watching the scene from afar and awaiting a good time when you or your friends could throw the corpse of Alpha Sabbith whom you had drowned before back into the water and then, you would stand up as a retired policeman who happens to fish on a Tuesday morning and give the colleagues from the police a friendly call where you dumped the corpse. Great work, Shavedlongcock&Co! -However, you and your gang of homophobic, racist, anti-islamic ex-policemen in Oak Lawn who blog too much and who brag around to loudly and too openly will be facing murder claims, soon. Everybody who can read your blogs on Shavedlongcock knows you were involved in the killings of Ron Washington and Alpha Sabbithi.


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