Couple Had Sex in Cab, Charged Wild Ride to Mom's Card: Cops

A local man and his date copulated during a cab ride from Rosemont to Orland Park—then tried to dodge the debt.

A local man and his lady couldn't wait to get home to get it on. 

Orland Park police say the man and his date turned a cab ride from Rosemont into a sex-capade—then told the driver they couldn't cough up the $83 fare.

Officers dealing with the Feb. 9 incident in the 15500 block of Sunset Ridge Drive in Orland Park said the two were intoxicated and incoherent, scrambling to collect clothes tossed about the cab. 

The driver had just about had it, too, when the pair said they couldn't pay. 

With police hovering, the 27-year-old man turned over his mother's credit card to cover the fare—and his 31-year-old date from Elgin was left to fend for herself in getting home. 

Authorities said they took her to the police station, where a family member picked her up.

No charges were filed.

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