Crime Stats 2009-2010: Hit and Runs Up, Total Crimes Down

Patch also analyzed batteries, drug arrests and other crime statistics in a major traffic area of the village.

While crime rates as a whole fell in Orland Park between 2009 and 2010, the number of hit and runs, batteries and drug arrests rose markedly. Most notably, hit and runs increased sevenfold in the course of one year, from four to 27.

Chief Tim McCarthy said it’s impossible to know with certainty what caused the hit-and-run fluctuation.

“Some (drivers), in fact many of them, will always say that they didn’t realize they hit anybody, and some are probably true and some are probably not.”

However, he added, it’s possible that the poor economy caused more people to seek a police report for insurance purposes rather than simply cough up the repair dough.

What’s more, batteries increased villagewide between 2009 and 2010, from 72 to 78—about a fifth of which occurred on and around . On Sept. 9, a woman shot another woman while . The victim was treated for her injuries at Silver Cross Hospital.

Controlled substance violations include the possession, use or intended distribution of highly potent narcotics such as cocaine and heroin. They increased 17 percent in 2010, from 29 to 34, although the number of hypodermic syringes recovered by police decreased in the same period from 103 to 69—only 10 of which were found on people near the mall.

McCarthy said it’s also difficult to pinpoint the direct cause of drug-related fluctuations, but noted that its decline could have something to do with efforts along the country's border and in major cities.

“When the supply gets disrupted, you see the supply cut down,” McCarthy said.

Offenses related to marijuana, criminal damage to property and even drag racing also fell throughout the village. There were five reported drag races on and around mall property in 2009 and only two in 2010—both years reflecting about a fifth of all drag races reported throughout the village.

While fewer people raced cars, the number of motor vehicle thefts went from three to seven in the same time period. However, there were half as many reported burglaries from motor vehicles.

Crime stats for 2011 by particular police zones are not yet available—though stats for select offenses throughout the entire village are. They show that thefts and marijuana-related violations are on pace to rise.

Select crimes throughout the village for 2009-2010:

Charges 2009 2010

Hit and Runs

4 27 Battery 72 78 Possession of Controlled Substance 29 34 Possession of Cannabis 147 123 Criminal Damage to Property 577 550 Drag Racing 16 10

(Source: Orland Park Police Department)

frank November 01, 2011 at 01:48 PM
Total crimes down in the article headline. Drag racing is mentioned and given some prominence. To the average person on the street this is not a crime till a person is killed or injured. Have tickets for speeding in Orland Park gone up? Before Orland Mall, the Ford City Mall from Cicero to Pulaski Avenues on 77th Street was a straight drag strip. I'm sure the Chicago Police Department didn't include tickets issued at this sight as a CRIME statistic. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
Jesse Marx November 01, 2011 at 05:23 PM
Frank, Let me get back to you about the speeding statistics. The data released by OP police did not break tickets down by offenses.


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