Defense Lawyer in Allan Kustok Murder Case Injures Elbow in Fall, Trial Delayed

Attorney Rick Beuke injured his elbow in a fall and was taken to the hospital for stitches.

Allan Kustok
Allan Kustok
One of accused wife-killer Allan Kustok's attorneys slipped in the parking lot of the Bridgeview courthouse Thursday morning, opening a bloody wound on his elbow and forcing a delay in the murder trial.

Cook County Judge John Joseph Hynes apologized to the jury and sent them home for the day. Hynes said the injury to attorney Rick Beuke did not appear serious.

Beuke made it into the courtroom after his fall but bled on the floor and was taken to the hospital.

Opening statements in the trial were slated for Thursday morning but pushed back to Friday due to Beuke's injury. Hynes did schedule a Thursday afternoon video deposition that will be shown to the jury some time after openings.

The video deposition was prompted by a witness' travel plans. The unidentified witness was booked on a 6 a.m. Friday charter flight out of the country and will not be available for some time after, said prosecutor Jennifer Gonzalez.

Kustok, 63, faces a charge of first-degree murder for allegedly shooting his wife, Anita "Jeanie" Kustok, in the face in September 2010. After the shooting, Allan Kustok reportedly wrapped his wife in sheets and a blanket and drove her to Palos Community Hospital.

Shortly before the shooting, Allan Kustok reportedly bought his wife the gun that killed her, a .357 Magnum revolver, as an anniversary present. Kustok has reportedly claimed his wife shot herself with the anniversary gift.

Neither Kustok's daughter, Brooklyn Nets announcer Sarah Kustok, nor his son, former Northwestern University quarterback Zak Kustok, attended what was to be the first day of testimony. Sarah Kustok was present for both days of jury selection.

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