Dick's, Walmart Suspend Sales of Certain Firearms

The Newtown school shooting has spurred some retailers to suspend gun sales.

Christmas shopping for the outdoorsman may be a little different this year.

Dick's Sporting Goods, which has Chicago-area locations in Oswego, Naperville, Orland Park, Tinley Park and Yorkville has suspended sales of semi-automatic weapons at its stores following the , according to a report from CNN.

The chain includes 511 stores in 44 states, and posted this message to its web site:

We are extremely saddened by the unspeakable tragedy that occurred last week in Newtown, CT, and our hearts go out to the victims and their families, and to the entire community.

Out of respect for the victims and their families, during this time of national mourning we have removed all guns from sale and from display in our store nearest to Newtown and suspended the sale of modern sporting rifles in all of our stores chainwide.

We continue to extend our deepest sympathies to those affected by this terrible tragedy.

A search of the Dick's Sporting Goods web site for “semi-automatic rifles” produced a handful of paintball guns, but no lethal weapons. A search for “modern sporting rifles” turned up no results. 

According to the company’s web site, the chain has 511 stores in 44 states. It’s unclear how long the suspension will last.

A message with the company's communication's department has not been returned. 


Walmart pulled a Bushmaster rifle that's in the same group of guns as the one reportedly used by Lanza from its web store, according to media reports.

It’s unclear if the chain suspended sales of any other sporting rifles. Searches for “modern sporting rifle,” semi-automatic rifle,” and “bushmaster” displayed guns for sale in stores only. But when checked for availability, all showed as "out of stock."

Patch also left a message with Walmart’s media relations staff, but that message has not been returned.

Do you think the suspension of gun sales at national chains will help prevent future tragedies?

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Bob Levy December 19, 2012 at 01:11 PM
If someone wants a weapon, they will get one. Look at history, Prohibition did not stop drinking. Laws do not stop drug use. There are many laws against weapons. We must get to and discover the root cause. It is probably related to the violence that are forced upon us 7 x 24. News, movies, video games. Exploring this might lead to a rating system for these sources of violence that effect many people. Virtual games make "killing people" acceptable and even desirable since the more kills the more points. This allows people to disconnect from reality. Sandy school proved that there was no felling of reality, it was just more points with more kills. In some respects, it is sad the killer killed himself, but perhaps that solution meant more points?
Doug December 19, 2012 at 03:13 PM
Bring back the mental health care system in America. Less rights for criminals and insane poeple. The known crazies need to be in a saniterium. Oh wait there are none left.... were only in for more of this as time goes by, guaranteed!!!
Katie T. December 19, 2012 at 07:38 PM
Why does someone need an assault rifle? Other than to kill quickly? I'm not against people owning guns, but when someone can walk in anywhere and shoot over 25 people in less than 2 minutes, something is wrong. I find the 'people who want a weapon will get one' reasoning weak. Should we stop implementing DUI laws since people keep drinking and driving?
Sean December 19, 2012 at 08:46 PM
They have video games and movies in Canada and in Australia but they dont have the gun violence we do. Try again
John Markasovic December 20, 2012 at 01:41 AM
you don't need an assault rifle to kill 25 people in two min many other weapons have that capacity as well and for someone who lives in the chicago land area i dont understand how you can think that the statement "people who want a weapon will get one" is weak look at all the criminals around that all cary guns on them in the streets of chicago do you think they got it legally? no they got it from another gang member who killed someone with it before and they will kill someone with it and just pass it on to the next person so the weapon is not in their hands when they get caught. i do agree that assault rifles serve no purpose to anyone [that is not an avid sport shooter] but to kill people but that being said they are used in shooting competitions and other venues so to say nobody should own them because a couple mentally unstable people used them to kill innocent people is ridiculous if that guy did not have a gun he would have found another way he had it planned out. using your drunk driver theory should we ban cars because people drive drunk and kill people?
Gina December 20, 2012 at 02:11 AM
Everyone is talking about the 'criminals' that carry illegal weapons. Reminder: the majority of these mass shootings have been with guns purchased legally. We need to make it more difficult for people to obtain a firearm. Gun shows, you don't need paperwork. Cash and out the door with your arsenal. As reported today 1 in 17 people in this country have a serious mental illness and less than 1/3 are getting proper treatment. Yet every one of them (provided they meet the age requirement) can walk into a store, purchase a gun and ammo and go on a killing spree. Parents need to step out of the "my child isn't capable of that" and realize, they just might be. Remember every serial killer is a child of someone.
John Markasovic December 20, 2012 at 02:57 AM
Gina could not agree more with the last part of your statement but anyone that has been in a mental facility is not leagly able to own a gun unless they can prove that they got help and have corrected the problem which is not to say they can't snap again but at least they know they needed help and got it and hopefully before they snap again they will do they same. And keep in mind these people that are doing most of these shootings did not own the guns they stole them from someone they lived with some of them yes they did own guns but this last one he got them from his mom after he killed her and I'm sure she died trying to stop him and the Colorado shooting where the teenager shot up his high school he got his guns from his dad so it's not always the case that they owened the gun. And one more point I want to make if it were not for the criminals walking the streets now with guns at their side at all times ready to pull the trigger no matter who gets hurt weather it's the person they are shooting at or a 2 year old girl playing on the sidewalk people like me would not feel the need to arm themselves to keep themselves and their family safe or god forbid if you and I were in a store and some one came in shooting the place up would you want a person legally carrying a weapon to put a stop to it or would you rather wait for the police who may take 5 or ten min to get there if anyone can call them without the shooter seeing them and killing them too
Gina December 20, 2012 at 03:28 AM
There needs to be mental health screening as part of the process for owning a gun. Anyone opposed to this, shouldn't have one.
John Markasovic December 20, 2012 at 03:49 AM
I agree 100% and have been saying that for years but everytime I bring that up around my gun buddies they all go nuts telling me I'm retarded but I would take it one step further I would be willing to go as far as saying if anyone in the household that the gun would be in has a mental illness or drug and alcohol problem that even a sane sober person in that house could not own one because the person with the problem would have access to it
Arthur Huff December 20, 2012 at 05:48 PM
John I'm with you on most of what you write. But holy cow is it hard to read! Try throwing some punctuation in there man haha


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