Football Player Coached By Mongo McMichael Suing Homer Glen's Megaplex

Arena football coach and Romeoville mayoral hopeful Steve "Mongo" McMichael recalled how his former player "blew his knee out" during a preseason practice.

An arena football player claiming he suffered an injury while practicing at Megaplex in Homer Glen is suing the fitness facility for allegedly failing to keep its artificial turf affixed to the floor.

Lawrence Goffer was practicing with the Chicago Slaughter in February 2011 when the "turf below his foot gave way" and he got hurt, according to the lawsuit filed at the Will County Courthouse.

Goffer, a defensive back and wide receiver, was planting his foot when the turf came loose, the lawsuit said.

Slaughter coach—and Romeoville mayoral hopeful—Steve "Mongo" McMichael remembered the day of Goffer's injury.

"He blew out his knee out and we lost him for the season," said McMichael, a two-time All-Pro and starter on the 1985 Super Bowl Champion Bears.

McMichael said Goffer suffered the injury during the team's first weekend of practice prior to the 2011 season. And McMichael figured the blown-out knee spelled the end of Goffer's playing days.

"Oh yeah, it was bad," said McMichael, recalling how Goffer's knee was "separated at the joint."

The Chicago Slaughter play their home games at Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates. McMichaels' Bears teammate, quarterback Jim McMahon, owns the team.

The lawsuit claims Goffer's injuries are permanent. Goffer's attorney, Timothy Rhatigan of Chicago, failed to return calls for comment.

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voklst February 15, 2013 at 04:25 PM
no it has Nothing to do with Mayoral running Homer Glen is an Island/village unto itself. Romeoville is a separate entity. My husband was sent back to work with a broken neck after c/spine surgery from a 1&1/2 earlier...We find out now...his neck was still broken the whole 9 months he worked...now after second surgery on his c/spine....We are contemplating suing 1st neck surgeon.. Even though case is going onto 5th year....There supposedly is 2 year limitation. We only found out from 2nd surgeon his neck never completely repaired from1st surgery 3 months ago. He was in so much pain on Light duty & harassed everyday to 'stop faking!!!!' we have all documentation all ct/mri's and xrays. When the 2nd surgeon showed us...its very visibly clear. he never healed properly. they wait to see if yhe body will recover send out subpoenas for deposition... It that astro turf the same way now? has anybody else gotten hurt there? does the facility carry proper liability insurance for such an accident? it goes on and on. Is it permanent body damage or will he heal with physical therapy? Apparantly this man will not be playing sports ever again.
jono100 February 15, 2013 at 04:44 PM
This is why are courts are so packed...to many bs lawsuits.
Lynard Skynard February 16, 2013 at 02:53 AM
Well did any of you read this story ? The turf was not secured down and it caused a guy to blow out his knee. The place would be responsible because they put it down wrong. He didn't get hurt by contact or the sport but faulty facilities. If you're a carpenter on scaffolding and it was put up wrong, you get hurt, then you sue. You're a truck driver, you get in the company's truck, a wheel falls off and you get hurt in the crash. They're at fault and you sue and win.
Leroy February 16, 2013 at 05:25 AM
I play in the basketball league at that place. It doesnt surprise me. Things seem a little bit shaddy there once and awhile. they have a roller hockey rink and they had moisture coming up through the surface and were literally peeling the tile back and cleaning it up...Left after that...If I had the next hockey game, def. would not of played....shaddy. wonder what they do with all the money because they do not update to much in that place either
Coachum up February 17, 2013 at 01:29 AM
I have coached youth arena football for 6 years at this facility. The comment about not updating the place... Please, that building was an empty shell with only the roller hockey rink. Today it servers all ages of people and is an outstanding facility! I was at the practice when this player got hurt. It was a horrible accident, but the turf was not loose, it was very similar to Wendell Davis injury. Unfortunately knee injuries are part of AstroTurf, hense why it is no longer used in the NFL. It was an unfortunate accident and someone is just trying to push blame where there is no blame to be found. We all should be proud of what the Megaplex has done for the youth in the area.


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