Frankfort Doctor Buried in Sex Lawsuits Sued by Another Woman

A Frankfort doctor facing felony sex charges and four civil suits was sued a fifth time.

A Frankfort pediatrician's legal woes continued to mount as a fifth lawsuit was filed against him in Will County court.

Dr. Kishor Jain, 59, also faces felony sex charges for allegedly molesting five different women in the Colorado Avenue clinic he worked out of before the sex scandal forced him to part ways with the office.

The most recent lawsuit was filed by Brittany Lopez of Joliet. Lopez is one of the women named in the criminal complaint against Jain. Jain fondled Lopez's vagina sometime between September and December, the complaint said.

The lawsuit said both Lopez and her daughter were patients of Jain and that she sought treatment from him after she was injured in a September car accident.

During an examination, the suit said, Jain touched Lopez's "breasts and butt and questioned (her) about (her) sexual activity, favorite sexual position and her ability to arouse her partner."

Weeks after this, Jain "placed his hand inside of her pants and touched her vagina," the suit said, and on another occasion had Lopez "bend over and touch her feet" while he "stood behind (her) and rubbed his erect penis on (her) butt and cupped her breasts."

Another time, Jain pulled Lopez's "shirt up and placed his hands down her pants and massaged her butt," according to the suit, which said Jain then had Lopez "lie on her side and massaged each leg up to and including the vagina and butt."

Jain's former place of employment, the Hedges Clinic, also was named in the lawsuit.

All the alleged victims in the criminal case are adults. One of the four lawsuits filed against Jain accuses him of sexually assaulting the underage daughter of a patient. The daughter was identified in the suit only as "Jane Doe."

The Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation indefinitely suspended Jain's medical license after he refused to testify at a March hearing.

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maureen April 13, 2013 at 04:14 AM
It did seem like Dr Jain became a family practice doctor, because he seen your children he would also answer question you asked about yourself...If your child had a cold and you would too, he would treat it. Dr. Jain would never turn away a sick child and if they would have more than one thing wrong he would treat it...The other doctors only treat one thing per visit...If you have a sore throat and a sore foot. please don't come in limping because you will only be treated for throat or foot. that is why Dr. Jain is such a wonderful doctor. he would ask anything else bothering you and would answer your question.....That is why I will always be behind him...good luck Dr. Jain
Hendrick Von Lichtenstein April 16, 2013 at 01:07 AM
My wife used to go see him 3 times a week for physicals. After the 300th time of him feeling her breasts and bending her over and rubbing his manhood against her butt cheeks, she got suspicious. This all happened 3 years ago and now we think we will sue.
Melissa D April 18, 2013 at 04:14 PM
Thank you for posting this. Do I wonder about the women who saw him multiple times and didn't say anything? Yes. Does that mean I think they are out for a payday or have conspired together to ruin an innocent man? Hell, no - especially since there were other accusations dating to 2002 AND A SETTLEMENT from those accusations in 2007. These women who are adamantly defending the doctor and crucifying the female patients accusing him make me sick, simply because they are the worst kind of hypocrites. Jill and others are furious that these women are (in their words) slandering their family doctor - but they have NO qualms about slandering these women who they don't even know! No one here knows what happened - that's why we have investigators and the courts to work it out. The argument that "he didn't do it to me therefore he is completely innocent" is wrong and illogical on so many levels. Yet these people feel they are entitled to pass judgment even though they weren't there and don't know what actually happened. This is EXACTLY why many women DON'T come forward unless and until others do first, if they do at all - because of people like Jill, for whom it is not enough to merely express support for the accused, but to trash and tarnish the accusers.
Melissa D April 18, 2013 at 04:20 PM
Yes, it is troubling that while some of us who, despite the sheer number of accusers admit that he may be innocent, those adamantly defending him refuse to consider the possibility that he may be guilty. These posters clearly don't understand that predators can't possibly molest everyone with whom they have contact - they have to choose their victims. So for posters like Rita below, just because it didn't happen to her or anyone she knows, therefore the accusations must be false. Closed minds, minds already made up despite not having seen evidence...this is why we have extensive jury duty questioning.
laura May 11, 2013 at 12:15 AM
Fricky, you missed the point entirely! He wouldn't turn away public aid patients but may have preferred privately insured patients.... many doctors do/would. (BTW, why the all-caps letters? It's akin to screaming online....)


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