Orland Park Home Repair Fraudster Gets 6 Years

Ricky Ziko pleaded guilty May 20, and was sentenced to six years.

A man charged with home repair fraud against two Orland Park homeowners last year has been sentenced to six years in prison, Orland Park police said Thursdat in a release.

Ricky Ziko, of Berwyn, stirred together sand and water and fibbed to homeowners that it was a sealant to repair cracks in concrete, police said. One elderly homeowner caught onto the scam, handed over a small amount of money to send him away and then sent police hunting for Ziko's car. 

Ziko was arrested in Hickory Hills and admitted to the fraud, police said.

Ziko pleaded guilty May 20 to the charges.

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Jerry Smith May 31, 2014 at 11:38 AM
This is the same man that was working his scam in Chicago Heights, Il. He and two of his male friends that always wore their hoodies that would mix the sand and water and put it around the driveway and the bottom of your house's foundation. I was told it would be a small price but then he wanted me to write a contract ( he said his writing was not good enough when in fact he did not want anything the police could track). His friends came into my house and this man told me he wanted me to pay him $2900. When I told him I did not have that kind of money one of his friend told me to go upstairs and look for more money. I told them No because I knew what they were trying to do. I only had $22 so he took $20 and said he would return tomorrow to get the rest of the money. I called the CHPD and one was sent right over. He told me it was the same people that had just conned an older couple out of $1100. the CHPD started looking for them but that was the last I heard about it until I seen his picture here. Wake up CHPD and do not let him get out of jail without charging him with crimes in our city.


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