Judge Rules that 6-Year-Old Boy Return from Ireland to Orland Park

An Orland Park woman is in an ongoing overseas custody battle over the son she had with an Irish man living in his home country.

Jack and Mary Redmond. Credit: Change.org
Jack and Mary Redmond. Credit: Change.org

The international custody battle to decide whether a 6-year-old boy will live with his American mother in Orland Park or his father in Ireland took another turn, as a federal judge recently ruled that the boy come back to Illinois.

The new ruling is counter to a previous one made in June 2012 that the boy should live with his father in Ireland. Court in Ireland ruled that Jack should remain in Ireland with his father, Derek Redmond, and mother sharing custody. Derek Redmond is trying to make the ruling official in the U.S., according to the Chicago Tribune.

Jack was born in Blue Island to Mary and Derek Redmond in 2007. The three moved to Ireland after Jack was born, but the relationship ended and Mary took Jack with her back to the U.S. There began the custody battle, which has continued for six years.

Mary Redmond originally agreed to follow terms set by the Irish court for joint custody in Ireland. She asked to return with Jack to the U.S. to settle affairs, and agreed under oath to not file for custody in any other court. Mary Redmond broke her sworn statement, and filed for sole custody in Chicago, according to a Sun Times Media report. In the filing she also claimed Derek Redmond was abusive.

Derek Redmond countered by suing Mary in U.S. federal court, claiming she broke international child abduction laws. The Irish court also ruled Mary was in contempt for going back on her statement. Mary could face jail time if she returns to Ireland.

Following the ruling in June 2012, Jack went to Ireland and his lived there since with his father. In July 2013, the appellate court overturned the June 2012 ruling, stating that Jack was “too firmly rooted in Illinois to consider Ireland his home,” according to Sun Times Media.

But the appellate court also acknowledged that Mary Redmond had went against the Irish court and that may have a greater impact on where Jack ultimately lives, according to Sun Times Media.

Read the full reports by Sun Times Media and the Chicago Tribune.

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