Orland Detective Recounts Allan Kustok's Version of Wife Taking Bullet to Face in Bed

Attorneys questioned an Orland Park detective about the handwritten notes he took during an interview with Allan Kustok hours after his wife was shot in the face.

Allan Kustok
Allan Kustok
Just a few hours after a bullet went through his wife's face, Allan Kustok told of waking to a gunshot and finding blood in their bed, a police detective testified during the Orland Park man's murder trial.

Orland Park police Detective Larry Davids said on Tuesday he interviewed Kustok at Palos Community Hospital about 3 hours after the early morning, Sept. 29, 2010, shooting.

Davids said Kustok told him he got out of bed about 5 a.m. to use the bathroom and his wife asked him if he was up for the day. Kustok said he was going back to sleep, relieved himself with the bathroom door open, got back in bed and dozed off again, according to Davids.

Kustok's wife, Anita "Jeanie" Kustok, told him she planned to sleep for another half hour as well, he said.

Some time before an alarm clock set for 5:30 a.m. rang, a single gunshot woke Allan Kustok, the detective said he was told. After discovering his wife had been shot, Allan Kustok explained how he tried to mop up the bloody bed with towels, then picked up the revolver he found on his Jeanie Kustok's chest, held it to his head, and fired what bullets were left into an armoire, Davids said.

Allan Kustok went on to say how he sat holding his dead wife's body, then put her in the front seat of his car and drove to the hospital, Davids said.

The reason Allan Kustok gave for never calling 911 for help was that his wife "was a proud woman," Davids said.

Davids was the fifth of six witnesses to testify Tuesday. He was followed by Jeanie Kustok's sister, Patricia Krcmery, who said she was under the impression that Allan Kustok "treated Jeanie very well" and that her sister was in a "wonderful marriage."

But that was before she found out Allan Kustok, 63, had been trolling the website Ashley Madison looking for married women to have love affairs with him.

"I had no idea," Krcmery said.

Krcmery also said she had no idea her sister owned a .357 revolver. Allan Kustok supposedly bought the gun—the same one that killed his wife—for Jeanie Kustok as an anniversary present.

One woman Allan Kustok met through Ashley Madison for a one-night stand has given a video deposition that has yet to be shown to the jury. Another testified Tuesday.

This woman, Kathy Rettke of Riverside, admitted under questioning she was looking for what defense attorney Rick Beuke called a "no-strings-attached relationship" after meeting him at the Wacker Drive restaurant Rivers in July 2010 but that she never pulled it off.

Rettke admitted to texting Allan Kustok three times on the day his wife was killed. She never received a response, as the cops had taken his cell phone. A detective called her that same afternoon to set up a meeting, she said.

A report from her meeting with two Orland Park detectives said, "Kathleen was shocked but did not suspect Allan," according to Beuke.

Rettke denied telling that to the detectives.

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Susan February 26, 2014 at 11:07 AM
Poor Alan. 😢


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