Orland Park Police Investigating False Bank Robbery Report

Police received an erroneous report of a bank robbery at a Marquette Bank branch at 159th Street and 76th Avenue.

Orland Park Police are investigating a false report of a robbery at the Marquette Bank branch at 159th Street and 76th Avenue, according to Cmdr. John Keating.

READ: Escaped Bank Robbers Last Seen in Tinley Park

The erroneous report came at the same time . Jose Banks, 37, and Kenneth Conley, 38, are convicted bank robbers who were last seen in Tinley Park early Tuesday.

Keating said the report resulted from "miscommunication" and that it was currently under investigation by the department.


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Orland Park | Tinley Park

Tuna Rocks December 19, 2012 at 02:49 AM
With the tragic events that just happened this past weekend. Plus with 2 felons on the loose in the area who thinks this was a good idea? When they get ahold of these morons they should make them look at all the photos of those slain kids laying there in piles at their school. Have their parents look at all those photos as well to see how it feels to put all of those people in that bank the fear of death. Ha Ha Ha you losers.
Tuna Rocks December 19, 2012 at 03:32 AM
To the girls that thought lying about a bank robbery taking place would be a funny "joke"...THANK YOU for the horrific day you put my family through. Having seen the first officers pull up in their squads on the scene and pull rifles from their cars, I had to make the decision to quickly leave the bank parking lot with my sister's two children in the car for their safety and drive away while she was in the bank not knowing whether I or her children would ever see her again. Upon learning the situation, my entire family was in turmoil due to what we were imagining the outcome of the events could possibly be, especially due to the news of the escaped bank robbers in our area. I'm not sure that my sister would be able to find any humor in this from her view under the desk where she was hiding in the bank.


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