Orland Park Woman Acts Like Clown Over 16-Cent Sauce Packet: Cops

The 20-year-old Orland Park woman was involved in throwing french fries and an ice cream cone at a McDonald's worker, and threatening to have him fired, police said.

This clown didn't throw any food. Credit: Joseph Hosey
This clown didn't throw any food. Credit: Joseph Hosey
ORLAND PARK, Illinois — A woman upset over the cost of a 16-cent sauce packet took part in harassing a McDonald's worker and pelting him with french fries and an ice cream cone, police said.

The woman, Heather Sotomayor, 20, of Orland Park, also called the McDonald's after she left and claimed her "dad is an owner" who was going to fire the manager, police said.

McDonald's workers reportedly told police Sotomayor and another woman placed an order at the drive-thru window of the 11111 179th St. restaurant. The women asked for more sauce packets and were told they cost 16 cents each, police said. Sotomayor and her pal reportedly complained and asked for a supervisor.

The 23-year-old supervisor explained the 16-cent sauce policy to the women and "both customers began cursing at (him) and expressing their frustration," police said.

"The passenger threw the package of french fries through the window at" the supervisor and he "threw the fries back and left the window," police said.

Sotomayor and her friend "sped off" in their black Volkswagen but a "few moments later, those same (women) placed an order for an ice cream cone at the drive-thru window," police said.

The women "waited in the drive-thru until (the supervisor) approached it," police said. "At that time, the passenger in the back seat threw the ice cream cone through the window at (the supervisor). All parties involved cursed at each other while the (women) sped away."

And then, a "few moments later, the store received a call," police said. "The 'caller ID' displayed Sotomayor as the last name (of the caller)." The female caller cursed and said, "My dad is an owner and you're going to be fired.'"

The supervisor called the police. An officer called Sotomayor and she explained "that it was a big misunderstanding."

"She further advised that the manager ... called her a 'bitch,'" police said.

The officer told Sotomayor he wanted her and her alleged partner in crime to return to the restaurant but "Heather replied that she could not and would not come back to McDonald's," police said. The officer reportedly hung up on her when she failed to provide any more information.

Sotomayor was charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

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o July 03, 2014 at 03:53 PM
Heather and Kelsey sound like bullies - isn't there a stop bully campaign? Or does this not apply to spoiled rich kids?
Pj23 July 03, 2014 at 03:58 PM
I think you are getting a little too upset over a situation that happened to someone you don't even know. Is this what you do all day "O"? Sit on the orlandparkpatch.com and wait for people to comment to harass them? Get a life.
George Murphy July 03, 2014 at 11:20 PM
Better to be charged for, rather than charged with ...., which is where it's going now.
Mrs. Featherbottom July 06, 2014 at 03:25 PM
Pj3, no Heather and her pay do not have the right to throw things at people. He threw the fries back at them when they threw them at him. If she had the right to do this, she would not be charged for disorderly conduct. Not to mention the fact that for the past decade, most mcdonalds charge for extra sauce. I do not blame this supervisor at all. I blame the stupid cunt who thinks she can get away with whatever she wants. Could he have handled the situation better? Yes, but that doesn't excuse how her and her friend acted in the first place. People, no matter where they work, deserve to be treated like people. Not a garbage bag to throw your fries and ice cream at. If she can't afford 16 cents, then maybe she shouldn't be buying mcdonalds to begin with. And then turn around and buy a 99 cent ice cream cone. And why should she act like an ignorant bitch and then get the sauce for free? He followed company policy, until she became rude and began swearing. So we are pretty much saying, don't worry about acting like a respectable adult, act like a spoiled little brat and you'll get everything handed to you? Maybe we should start acting like people and not wild animals.
Mrs. Featherbottom July 06, 2014 at 03:36 PM
I can only assume that everyone saying she was in the right are other stupid ass 20 year old girls that are friends with Heather and her friend and aparently think it's acceptable to act like 4 year olds. Make sure you stay classy. Seriously, what a bunch of dumbasses. Also, the moment they threw those fries, they were no longer customers.


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