Police Photos of Raid on Animal Sanctuary: WARNING GRAPHIC IMAGES

Photos of the conditions of animals at Dazzle's Painted Pastures Animal Rescue and Sanctuary, raided by the sheriff's office and animal rescue workers on Friday.

Our goal in publishing these photos is not to be shocking, but to show the conditions at Dazzle's Painted Pastures Animal Rescue and Sanctuary as police and animal control officials found them during . 

Sheriff's police, the Animal Welfare League of Chicago Ridge and Cook County Animal Control removed 63 dogs, 31 cats and six rabbits from the shelter in unincorporated Tinley Park. Investigators also removed 30 horses, ponies, sheep, goats and llamas.

. According to sheriff's police, Hamill thanked investigators for intervening in a situation that had gotten fatally out of hand.

Among the dead animals found were a 3 1/2-year-old miniature horse and a Himalayan cat. Both are shown in the photos above.

We realize these images might be disturbing. After much discussion, we decided the community has a right to see the conditions in which these animals lived. It is our responsibility as a news agency to be as public as possible with the issues that affect and concern our community.

Tinley Park Patch Editor Paul Dailing

jennifer April 01, 2011 at 02:46 AM
Kelsey, They were not cared for properly for years. There have been so many complaints over the years, but the department of ag. couldnt/didnt get to all her claims. Also, you mean to tell me that one person is responsible for all the additional animals that were brought into this facility? Highly unlikely. Not only that, but what about the requests for food and water for these animals. They went unanswered. What about not giving shots to the animals that were necessary, or administaring them herself, illegally? Are you really going to defend these actions? If so, that makes you just as guilty. Can I tell you that when I told Dawn about all the problems I had with an animal that I got from there, she said she didnt care!!! Straight from her mouth. When I asked for shot records, she wouldnt give them to me!!! I understand sticking up for your friends, but at what point do you notice there are too many people saying these things about her, and having these experiences with her? At what point, do you sit back and say, ya she should have called for help long before she did. At what point, do you say ya shes my friend, but she is WRONG!!! You stated those cars were donated to her, but the sheriff told me that she wrote a personal check for all those vehicles. That came from the sheriff, he has the canceled checks, how can you defend that? You are obviously a very loyal friend, but you have to open your eyes to whats really happening!!!
jennifer April 01, 2011 at 02:51 AM
They also have vet records showing that the last time the horse that was found dead on the property was seen was over a year earlier, or just about a year. If it was sick, it should have had additional care. All these people, and all these things coming out arent just to slander an innocent woman. Its not just a grudge that people have against her, and thought this would be a good way to get back at her. Its simply the truth! I realize that this is all hard to hear about a friend, but you should really look into all this yourself.
Theresa Burgoon April 01, 2011 at 02:15 PM
Dear Kelsey, When I did go and offer my services as a volunteer, I questioned her on some things and you know what she did? Do you? She yelled at me, told me that I had no right to question her and to get off her land. All that I asked her was is it ok for the hay to sit outside like that and is it supposed to have that many weeds in it. I didn't think that was much. SO I DID TRY TO HELP BUT SHE PUSHED ME AWAY!!! If those animals were cared for properly why did she have to lie about the shots and ages, why did the sheriff have grounds to get warrants for a raid to remove the animals? They just can't take animals for no reason you know. Look at all of the complaints that people have filed with the dept. of ag. These people have no reason to "get her". They just bought animals that she lied about and they died! Flea ridden and sick. Two kittens that were bought at a Pet Smart adoption event she told people were about 6 weeks old and had their shots when in reality they were 3 weeks and no shots. This didn't happen just once. How can you explain that away.
jennifer April 01, 2011 at 02:28 PM
Theresa did you speak with the cook county sheriff? He is looking for more and more people to tell their story. I can give you his information if you havent talked to him yet. Email me at jenniferfcc1@hotmail.com Thanks!
michelle April 01, 2011 at 08:19 PM
I really think highly of all the people that are not afraid to speak the truth about this situation. It will help to put Dawn where she needs to go, so that this does not disappear. I am stunned that she would go so far as forgery for the purpose of money. Thank you all for keeping this alive.


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