Woman Stopped by Orland Cops Claims to be Moorish & Have Diplomatic Immunity, Really From Hazel Crest: Police

The woman's diplomatic immunity apparently didn't work in Orland Park.

Janine McCune, also known as Ramsieyh S. Rael. Credit: Orland Park Police Department
Janine McCune, also known as Ramsieyh S. Rael. Credit: Orland Park Police Department
A woman stopped for speeding in Orland Park claimed to be "Moorish" and to have "diplomatic immunity," but still got arrested on traffic charges.

Janine McCune, 32, of 17010 Pine Court in Hazel Crest was stopped on LaGrange Road. She was speeding and talking on a cell phone while driving, police said.

McCune claimed her name was Ramsieyh S. Rael but was unable to produce a driver's license or current insurance information, police said. She reportedly explained she had been speaking on the phone to her mother.

License information for Rael showed she was suspended for insurance violations but McCune said "she did not have knowledge of the infractions," according to police.

The officer took McCune into custody. As he put her in his squad car, he "noticed she was no longer wearing her work name tags," police said.

"At the time of the initial contact with her she had the identification clipped to her shirt," an officer said, according to a police report.

"I asked her where they were at," the report said. "She indicated she never had anything clipped to her. This information made me suspicious that Ramsieyh may not be truthful."

Those suspicions proved valid when the officer poked his head into McCune's Ford Focus, found her work identification and saw the name Janine McCune on it, police said. McCune also reportedly turned out to be the registered owner of the Focus.

But McCune still "insisted her name was Ramsieyh" and said she was "Moorish and had diplomatic immunity," according to police. The officer "then asked her if Janine was her birth name, which she subsequently indicated it was."

McCune's driver's license had been revoked for "DUI-related offenses," police said, and her car was towed away.

McCune was charged with driving on a revoked license, operating an uninsured motor vehicle, talking on a cell phone while driving, and speeding.

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Just sayin June 26, 2014 at 04:15 PM
People try to get away with anything these days. People don't want to own up for their mistakes.
Ya Think June 29, 2014 at 10:40 AM
She was stopped in Orland Pk and lives in Hazelcrest. Maybe she is a diplomat from Hazelcrest, it's always been a strange town and maybe never belonged to the USA.
just my opinion July 06, 2014 at 04:06 PM


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