Are Fake Wrestlers Faking Ailments in Orland Park's Public Works Department?

Village investigates two employees who are on short-term disability leave but appear to be involved in pro wrestling promotions while missing work.

Dan Slewoski in the ring during a wrestling match in Grant Park, IL, recently. | ABC 7 Chicago
Dan Slewoski in the ring during a wrestling match in Grant Park, IL, recently. | ABC 7 Chicago

A pretend tough-guy is the focus of a real investigation by the village of Orland Park into whether he's abusing his short-term disability leave from the public works department.

Dan Slewoski has been on paid medical leave from Orland Park's department of public works since November. But Slewoski has been appearing publicly as part of the Manson Nomads wrestling team, and his appearance in May at a Kankakee County wrestling event caught the attention of ABC's I-Team.

Slewoski claims he's not a wrestler, but as an actor he portrays a loud-mouthed manager who taunts the crowd, the referee and opposing wrestlers.

He also said he suffers from neuropathy, a condition that causes tingling and pain in the extremities, and that his doctors are still trying to diagnose what ails him and prevents him from going to his public works job.

But video of the May 2014 match in the village of Grant Park aired by ABC 7 Chicago shows Slewoski entering the ring and even getting down on his knees to pretend-pummel another man.

A few days after that match, ABC's Chuck Goudie caught up with Slewoski at his home and interviewed the camera-shy actor through a closed door.

  • Chuck Goudie: "You're on medical leave correct?"
  • Slewoski: "I'm on short term disability."
  • Goudie: "We're doing a story on your side job being a wrestler."
  • Slewoski: "I am not a wrestler."
  • Goudie: "You're not a wrestler?"
  • Slewoski: "I am not a wrestler."
  • Goudie: "What do you do?"
  • Slewoski: "I talk into a microphone. I have no training. I am not a pro wrestler."
  • Goudie: "You weren't wrestling the other night in Grant Park?"
  • Slewoski: "I swear to you I did not wrestle in Grant Park, nope. I was there, I didn't wrestle."

Slewoski, who earns $69,000 a year in his public works job, said his condition doesn't affect his performances with the Manson Nomads but his medication makes him unable to drive.

Speaking for the village of Orland Park, public information officer Joe LaMargo said Slewoski and a second public works employee, Frank Rollins Jr., have been under investigation since April when the wrestling was brought to the village's attention.

Rollins Jr., also a Manson Nomad, has been on disability leave since February. In a Facebook message, he told ABC Chicago he's suffering from "incredibly serious allergies" as well as a "stroke-like condition" and "extreme migraines," requiring visits to therapists and specialists.

Rollins Jr. appeared alongside Slewoski on the Manson Nomads' menacing promotional materials for the recent Kankakee County fight night. But due to his ailments, Rollins Jr. was replaced by another pretend brawler for the actual fake fighting. He said he hasn't appeared in any wrestling events since November 2013.

He also said he's being targeted for harassment by a "childish" fellow public works employee.

ABC 7 News found videos that show Rollins using village equipment, including a village truck and village facilities to promote his wrestling endeavors. Rollins said he had permission to use the village equipment in his videos. LaMargo said that's also under investigation.

"If these allegations are true, we'll take it as far as we need to in order to make sure the village is protected," LaMargo said.

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eric reicher June 14, 2014 at 08:54 PM
$69K/year. He should be ashamed of himself. $69/k/year is not enough?
JEG June 17, 2014 at 10:01 AM
Hire a vet!!!! It wont be hard to find a reliable worker !!!!
frank June 17, 2014 at 03:15 PM
Say Patch, why are you not allowing legit postings?
Dave June 17, 2014 at 11:04 PM
Sue 'em to get the money back. I'm tired of hearing about people ripping of the taxpayers.
voklst June 19, 2014 at 12:05 AM
I'm on disability struggling to stay alive on 14k a year!!!! If my hands still worked I'd feel fantastic working their old jobs at 35k..... HIRE A VET IS CORRECT!!!!!!!


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