Board to Vote on Payouts for 7 More Orland Plaza Businesses

Finance committee unanimously approved to send dollar amounts for remaining businesses to the full board.

The is expected to vote Tuesday on eminent domain payouts , as the Feb. 14 takeover date approaches.

Payouts to seven more plaza businesses passed through the village’s development services committee meeting on Dec. 19 with a unanimous vote.

On Feb. 14, the village will become owners of the land upon which Orland Plaza now stands. By that date, remaining tenants on the land will need to leave.

"The court ordered date is fast approaching," said Karie Friling, development services director, at Dec. 19 meeting. "We want to get this done to not have the businesses keep coming back individually."

The payments are mandated in eminent domain cases by the Illinois Equity in Eminent Domain Act of 2007 and the federal Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970.

The following total payouts were sent to the full board:

  • : $163,127
  • : $87,926.96
  • : $19,176
  • : $78,929
  • : $143,444.80
  • : $23,684.76
  • Tri-City Electric: $18,565

The businesses will first be paid half of the approved amounts, based on estimates of the cost of operating the businesses and moving. When the second half will be paid depends on whether the businesses reopen or not, and the costs to relocate.

The payment to Miroballi Shoes is to cover moving their store items into storage, while the business’ new location . Another payment proposal for moving and installing the items into the new location will later come in front of trustees for a vote once the move is complete.

The board approved payouts to the owners of .

In August, the board approved paying out $34,723.33 to the . The shop has since .

The owners of , and .

In August, representatives of plaza tenants objected to aspects of the settlement agreement between . That matter is still pending in court.


Megan James January 02, 2012 at 05:33 PM
Its about time, b ut still seems like pennies on pennies on the dollars for what many of them still had left on their lease. Would love to know what they used to figure the value for each business. But in the long run, guess it doesn't manner. Small businesses were screwed to make way for the dreams of only those in political power and the very few in connection with them.


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