Mariano’s and Rentals Moving Forward with 141st Street Gate (Live Blog)

Read our live blog replay for details from the Orland Park Village Board's Monday night board meeting, where trustees unanimously approved plans for the new Orland Crossing developments.

William James of REVA talks about the upcoming housing development in front of a standing-room only crowd at the Orland Park Village Board meeting. Credit: Ben Feldheim
William James of REVA talks about the upcoming housing development in front of a standing-room only crowd at the Orland Park Village Board meeting. Credit: Ben Feldheim


A standing-room only crowd appeared at Monday night's village board meeting to speak their mind on plans to build a 231-unit rental property and a 73,000 square-foot Mariano's Fresh Market.

But the meeting ended with several of those people thanking the village for adjustments to plans that originally would've extended two streets east of Orland Crossing, creating the possibility of more traffic going through their neighborhood.

By Monday night, plans for Mariano's and the rental complex was without extending 140th Street for through traffic, and while people can still drive through 141st Street, a security gate was added. The only people with access to the gate via a FOB will be residents of the rental unit and emergency personnel.

While 140th Street will be walkable, the connecting portion will be left as a green space, though one which ambulances and fire trucks can drive upon. 

Original Post

The last municipal hurdle standing before Mariano’s Fresh Market and a rental complex will be faced Monday night.

The Orland Park Village Board of Trustees are scheduled to make the final call about a plan to build a 73,000 square-foot Mariano’s grocery store northeast of LaGrange Road and 143rd Street. The full board also is scheduled to vote on a rental complex that will include 231 townhouses and apartments just north of the grocery store.

Residents living east of that area took issue with plans to extend 140th Street and 141st Street into John Humphrey Drive, which could provide a path for people going to and from the grocery store to cut through their neighborhood.

Residents asked for both street extensions to be removed from plans, because that was originally part of the deal when the Orland Crossing development was first approved in 2005. The village plan commission suggested eliminating the 140th Street extension only, and the development service committee agreed to that as well, despite staff’s insistence that both extensions would actually alleviate traffic and give the nearby residents easier access.

The most recent plans for the area include adding a privacy gate to the 141st Street and John Humphrey Drive intersection, with access only for people living in the rental complex, according to village documents.

Another issue that arose with this plan involves Pete’s Fresh Market planning to build a 72,000 square-foot grocery store at John Humphrey Drive and 143rd Street. Pete’s has owned the former Terry’s Lincoln site since 2012, and knocked down the building on it, but hasn’t recently submitted complete plans to the village for a store.

Download agendas and meeting packets off the village’s website for further meeting details leading up.

The live blog through Cover It Live will provide minute-by-minute updates from the meeting on this page starting at 6 p.m. Look in the Cover It Live window, and you’ll see an area where you can join in and offer your comments. The same rules apply as on the site.

Read more about Orland Park’s Mariano’s development plan and Pete's plans.

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Harry Callahan December 16, 2013 at 10:49 AM
Seems to me is some political jockiing going around who gets in and who doesn't maybe that's one of the reasons Petes hasn't layed its egg.
JSuzeH December 16, 2013 at 10:07 PM
I loved the way our board handled this! So thankful to live in this village.
Kathleen Cleary December 16, 2013 at 10:23 PM
I would like to thank the mayor and the village board for the compromise regarding the Mariano's/apartment complex. This compromise will alleviate the traffic overflow into the surrounding sub-divisions.
Harry Callahan December 22, 2013 at 07:59 AM
Can anybody tell me if there is a large Italian pocket in Orland Park?


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