Hickey: We’re Not Closing Any Fire Stations, Or Cutting Services

The Orland Fire Protection District board also interviewed candidates to take the helm as chief during about four-and-a-half hours in closed session, but did not make a choice Tuesday night.

Residents in the eager to find out who will assume the fire chief role that has been up for grabs since summer 2011 will have to wait until May.

While board trustees and attorneys spent about four-and-a-half hours in closed session interviewing candidates during the monthly board meeting Tuesday night, no final decisions were made.

“They are planning to make an announcement of a final candidate at the next board meeting,” said OFPD spokesman Ray Hanania, though he declined to comment on any specifics of the interview process. Board members Chris Evoy, Blair Rhode and Martin McGill also declined to comment on the interviews.

Acting Fire Chief Raymond Kay was among those interviewed for the position.

Comments and Questions

Board president James Hickey took a minute of the meeting before closed session to address a few points of recent contention.

“We are not closing any fire stations, and we are not cutting any services,” Hickey said.

He also said the question submission process will be changing slightly. People looking for information can still submit questions online, and will receive a response within five business days for “appropriate business questions.”

Hickey commended the board for maintaining transparency and budget goals within their first year.

“This is the first time that our budget has been under $30 million in 5 years, and we did this without cutting services,” Hickey said.

Former board trustee Bob Cacciato disagreed with the assessment, saying the budget was only over $30 million in the last two years, not five.

According to district budget summaries on their website, the last time total expenditures were under $30 million was 2007. However, the expenditure listing for 2012 is only a projection and could change as the year continues.

Praise for Fast Service

Orland Park resident Heleane Battaglia recently found herself in need of emergency medical help, and praised the efforts Tuesday night for the response she received.

“I never knew that men could be so compassionate. I just can’t believe the attention you get and how fast they take care of you,” Battaglia said. “When they decide to move, they move, and they move mighty quick.”


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paul cervenka April 25, 2012 at 02:37 PM
Dear trustees, OPFPD has 30 supervisors! That's about 15 more than necessary. The mayor likes to remind taxpayers the village only costs 7% of your tax bill. It's true. You now pay seperately for water, sewer, garbage removal, library, and fire protection. Not his problem. The library is a 200 person payroll patronage pile. It used to be almost free! The teachers, village employees, fire district and library employees all report to the Democratic leader in OP. Just look at the campaign contributors at election times. Oh, don't forget the building trades. Should OP sales tax be used for road / construction projects or village services? Vote accordingly.
Don't Call Me Ray April 25, 2012 at 10:27 PM
Look at what Hickey & co have done this past year, and vote accordingly
eww May 04, 2012 at 03:39 AM
they should do away with hickey and the rest of the board what a disgrace to the fire department and what they are trying to do, the rating of the orland fire protection has fallen, they are way over staffed and way over budget, never seen a department that has so many supervisors and the response with the equipment is unreal vote them out and get some people who really cares, this board has to much power


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