Orland Park Still Mulling Ban on Sales from Puppy Mills

Orland Park officials are still contemplating how to handle a Cook County ban on sales from commercial breeders, but Cook County Commissioners said the ordinance needs some work—and maybe even reversal.

Orland Park trustees May 19 asked for more time to contemplate a potential ban on the sale of pets from commercial breeders, saying they want to "get it right." 

Two days later, Cook County Commissioners proposed changes to—and possible reversal of—the county ban, suggesting the ordinance as it stands would put local pet stores out of business. 

READ: Cook County Commissioners Want Changes to 'Puppy Mill' Ban

Public Safety Committee members at the meeting heard from activists and pet owners pleading with the group to support a ban on the sale of animals from puppy mills. 

The issue came onto Orland Park's agenda after the Chicago City Council in March approved a ban on puppy mills as vendors within city limits. The Cook County Board in April unanimously approved a similar ban on puppy mills in suburban Cook County. The Cook County ban as passed in April requires pet stores acquire animals from federally licensed breeders with no more than five reproducing female animals. 

However, Cook County Commissioners May 21 proposed amendments to the ordinance, which would allow a pet store to sell dogs, cats and rabbits from any USDA licensed breeder as long as the breeder hasn't received any major violations in the last two years.

As a home rule municipality, Orland Park can follow the county's ordinance, quash it entirely or tweak it for local use. 

Committee members said they largely support a ban, but think the village should use the county's ordinance as guidance to write its own. An Orland-specific ordinance would make it easier for the village to enforce, Trustee Dan Calandriello said, but that would also require hiring a part-time code enforcement officer at a cost of $27,000. 

Following the county's ordinance would leave enforcement to the county. 

How should the Village proceed?

SouthSide June 05, 2014 at 10:09 AM
Nothing good comes from breeding companion animals. Nothing at all. For every dog or cat purchased from a pet store, count on at least one dog or cat killed at a shelter/rescue. It is a simple matter of math. Do the right thing. Adopt, don't shop!
Ida Mccarthy June 05, 2014 at 07:08 PM
Learn the truth, copy and paste the blog. If anyone has been sold a sick or dying dog from Happiness Is Pets, please fill out a pet store complaint form at www.caps-web.org. Thank you! http://happinessispetslies.blogspot.com/2014/06/happiness-is-pets-dont-buy-lie.html
Megan Pinkston June 05, 2014 at 09:34 PM
There needs to be a ban on commercial sale of these animals, that is the bottom line. They need to have strict requirements to be a federally licensed breeder and needs to have never received a violation. We need to have rescue shelter and animal control animals available for adoption..it would increase revenue for multiple parties and also help our severe overpopulation and high kill issue. It needs to happen, we are morally obligated.


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