Orland Park to Test Water Main for Leaks

The survey would pinpoint leaks in the village's water mains.

A survey intended to search for leaks in Orland Park's 354 miles of water mains was approved by the Public Works Committee last week.

The $53,100 study, if approved by the village board, would be conducted by M.E. Simpson Co. of Valparaiso, Ind., starting when the final snow is melted, reports The Regional News.  

The survey would take about 90 days, according to village Infrastructure Maintenance Director John Ingram.

Ingram said he was unsure of how many leaks would be detected, but that, "Your infrastructure continues to deteriorate. You improve it, it deteriorates. You improve it, it deteriorates. It’s just the life cycle of anything.”

The survey will be the first of its kind in the village.

Read the full story on The Regional News.


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