Orland to Spend $1.13 Million on La Grange Widening Prep

This will make over $3 million dollars total invested in power line burial by the village of Orland Park.

Orland Park plans on spending an additional $1.13 million to bury power lines largely between 144th Street and 147th Street in preparation of the La Grange Road widening project, the Chicago Tribune reports.

This expenditure adds to the $1.97 million already spent burying lines between Southwest Highway and 144th Place.

"We always intended to do up to 147th," Public Works and Engineering Chairman Ed Schussler told the Tribune. "It's just that with the last project, it made more sense to stop at 144th Place."

Many of the overhead lines would have been relocated at no additional cost by ComEd, but village officials opted to spend the extra money for aesthetic and practical reasons.

"We feel it makes the community more attractive, and you have fewer weather-related issues underground," Schussler said.

In addition to Orland’s contribution, IDOT and Tinley Park are also chipping in for their respective portions of line burial.

The cable relocation is the first step in the La Grange expansion project, according to Orland Park infrastructure maintenance director, John Ingram. He says they hope to be finished with the power lines by June.

Get the rest of the story by the Chicago Tribune.

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