Village Closer to Solution for Old Orland Parking Problem

Shoppers are taking up residential parking spots in the area of 143rd and Union, but the Village is closer to a solution.

Orland Park officials hope a recurring parking problem in the Old Orland area could be solved soon.

Shoppers are swooping into parking spots near houses around 143rd and Union Avenue, as they stop into small businesses nearby. 

“Residents in the area adjacent to some of the [Old Orland] businesses have been coming to us and saying they’re getting a lot of creeping of the commercial parking into the residential area,” said Karie Friling, village development services director in a meeting this week. “So what we wanted to do is monitor the situation and come back with recommendations on how we can address it.”

While there are some residential parking limitations currently in place, they were initiated years ago to prevent Metra riders from parking south of 143rd Street. Extra parking near the station has cut back on those instances, but the new parking conundrum has recently arisen. 

Village staff stepped up and established, "residential parking only" areas along 143rd Place, Brook Avenue and 144th Street.

The parking solution passed through the Village Board’s Development Services, Planning and Engineering Committee with a 3-0 vote. Next, it's on to the Village Board's April 7 meeting.

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Kay Shelander March 21, 2014 at 11:27 PM
why give permits to businesses in that area to open up ( Irish Patroit and Hookhah Bar) if you are not going to allow their customers to park on the street? Just what "little shops" is your article referring, certainly not the Union Ave.General Store, which has been there for 45 years, so which "little shops" exactly are in conflict??


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