Village to Address Flooding in Catalina, Golfview Areas

Orland Park is set to begin work the week of July 7.

Village of Orland Park residents on the east side of town will soon have relief from flooded streets after heavy rains, the village said in a release Tuesday. Residents in the Catalina and adjacent Golfview areas have been notified of the upcoming construction to create two new detention basins in the area to reduce the ponding of storm water runoff in the streets.

"We’ve been working on this issue for several years and we are looking forward to this project reducing the frequency of flooded streets after heavy rains on the east side of town,” said Orland Park Mayor Dan McLaughlin. “The two detention basins recommended by the engineers should help to make the streets in Catalina passable during heavy rains,” the mayor said.

Christopher B. Burke Engineering, Ltd studied the storm water runoff in the area and recommended the construction of two detention basins in the village owned Commonwealth Edison right-of-way located west of Wheeler Drive and south of Tulip, Sunflower, Primrose and Orchid Courts.

“Impassable streets anywhere in the village are a hazard, both in general and in the event of an emergency,” said Trustee Ed Schussler, chair of the village’s Public Works Committee. “These two new detention areas will collect and store the runoff, keeping the neighborhood streets clear and passable,” he added.

Construction on the detention basins is scheduled to begin the week of July 7 with Airy’s, Inc. having been contracted to complete the improvements.

“While most of the work will happen within the village's right of way, the contractor will be working on private property at a number of locations to install the necessary storm sewers and inlets,” said village Director of Infrastructure Maintenance John Ingram.

“During very heavy rain events, water may still collect in the streets but this project will definitely reduce the amount and duration of that ponding,” Ingram added.

Homeowners in the affected area have been directly notified by the Village of Orland Park. Construction is expected to be substantially complete this fall.

Once work begins, parking in the cul-de-sac turnarounds will be restricted for brief periods to allow for construction access. No parking signs will be posted and accommodations for residents will be made as needed.

Residents who have placed personal property within the village owned ComEd right-of-way or within the proposed storm sewer locations must remove everything before construction begins. Property left within these areas may be removed, relocated or discarded by the contractor.

Questions may be directed to Jim Amelio at847/652-1343 or to Travis Parry from Christopher B.Burke Engineering at 847/823-0500.

bob July 02, 2014 at 11:14 AM
Village lets residents do what ever they want, raise their property level up 2 feet higher then other property and DON"T need a permit to do it. Because YOU know someone from the Village


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