Crossfit Dinami Wins Best Gym in Orland Park Patch “Best Of” Poll

The Orland Park Sportsplex put forth a mighty comeback to jump from fourth place to second place in about a day. Orangetheory Fitness took third.

Congrats to Crossfit Dinami for winning our 2014 Best Gym poll.
Congrats to Crossfit Dinami for winning our 2014 Best Gym poll.

The votes are in and the winner of our 2014 Orland Park Patch Best Gym poll is Crossfit Dinami.

Dinami held the lead since early on in the race, and continued in the top spot throughout.

But the battle for second, third and fourth changed hands a few times. The Orland Park Sportsplex started out in second place, but then fell to third followed by fourth in recent days. The Sportsplex went on a huge surge with 169 votes Sunday evening to 376 votes Monday afternoon. Orangetheory Fitness also jumped, going from third place to second between Friday and Sunday.

Here are the final tallies, with 1,963 total votes:

  • Crossfit Dinami, 11555 183rd Pl.: 524 votes, 27 percent
  • Orland Park Sportsplex, 11351 W. 159th St.: 476 votes, 24 percent
  • Orangetheory Fitness, 15200 S. LaGrange Rd.: 337 votes, 17 percent
  • Palos Health and Fitness, 15430 West Ave.: 308 votes, 16 percent
  • Lifetime Fitness, 16333 S. LaGrange Rd.: 148 votes, 8 percent
  • Anytime Fitness, 11033 W.179th St.: 88 votes, 4 percent
  • UFC Gym, 9050 W.159th St.: 47 votes, 2 percent
  • Riviera Country Club, 8801 W. 143rd St.: 35 votes, 2 percent

Check out what people have said about Crossfit Dinami on their Facebook page.


So why are we doing these polls?

It’s not about who wins. It’s a reminder that we have a lot of great local businesses right here in our area. If seeing a poll like this reminds you of a business you appreciate, but haven’t been to in a while, then go visit them again and support them.

Stay tuned for future “Best Of” polls on your neighborhood Patch sites.

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