Quality Appliance Leads our Best HVAC Service in Orland Park Poll

Orland Park Heating and Air Conditioning is in second followed by B&B Heating and Cooling with about a day left to vote.

The tally as of Thursday night.
The tally as of Thursday night.

Quality Appliance Repair, Inc. is in the lead of our best HVAC service in Orland Park poll.

With about a day left to vote, and 105 responses in, here is the tally as of Thursday night:

  • Quality Appliance Repair, Inc.: 53 votes, 50 percent
  • Orland Park Heating and Air Conditioning: 26 votes, 25 percent
  • B & B Heating and Cooling, Inc.: 11 votes, 10 percent
  • B&Z Heating and Cooling: 8 votes, 8 percent
  • Comfort Heating and Air Conditioning: 7 votes, 7 percent 

The poll will be live until 5 p.m. Friday, Jan. 24.

You can only vote once.

Last week, we asked readers to nominate their favorite HVAC repair service that keeps them warm in the frigid winter, and cool in the sweltering summer.

Above are all the places readers recommended in Orland Park

So, why are we doing this? It’s not just about a winner. It’s about remembering that we have a lot of great local businesses in our area, and if you haven’t patronized them in some time, you should let them know the community has their support.

Vote here, and also leave testimonials in the comments.

Let’s celebrate our local businesses.

Editor’s note: Some people have suggested businesses outside Orland Park. Those have been sent to the Patch editors in those towns should they decide to run a best HVAC service poll.

Remember, this is about talking about the businesses we love, so there’s still value in the nomination even if they are not included in this particular poll.

Feel free to comment with a testimonial for your favorite HVAC repair service if it’s outside Orland Park, or post it on our Boards section.

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