Gallery: DHS Stunts Boasts Cast of Many

More than 150 students acted, sang, danced, played music and more in annual Deerfield High School production.

More than 150 Deerfield High School students were part of “Stunts in a Lifetime,” the school’s annual talent review, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the Auditorium.

The three nights featured song, dance, music and more with students performing, directing, producing and handling the stagecraft.

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Rachel Kreisman was the executive producer and Sarah Muller served as associate producer. Music directors were Evalena Friedman and Rachel Locket with Natalie Salk and Annie Walsh choreographing.

Dylan Singer was the stage manager, Danielle Gluckman was his assistant, Daniel Schneider had the job of technical director while Jane Ellman and Ryan Wilbat handled lighting design. Val Schwartz was the show's artist.

Mitchell Steindler and Jacob Taitel directed the pit band while Jordan Barhydt handled the pit combo. Robin Glicksberg and Rachel Gold handled publicity as Talia Plofsky and Rachel Sherman took care of video and multimedia needs.

Other board members include Colette Charak, Matthew Gold, Kira Hattenbach, Alyssa Robin and Emily Sheridan. The program containing the names of everyone else involved in the production is included as an attachment to this story.

Rather than write more, it is said a picture is worth a thousand words so enjoy the photo gallery provided by one of the parents, Harry Steindler, and consider this article thousands and thousands of words.

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Harry Steindler December 07, 2012 at 08:15 PM
The students are so incredibly talented - on stage, behind stage, in front of the stage and in the tech booth! There is so much recognition for the superb and hard working student athletes at DHS - the students who participate in music and theater are equally inspiring and deserving of recognition - thanks for doing that here Steve!


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