Parents Get Crash Course on Life Saving Techniques

Orland Dist. 135 and fire officials offer CPR and AED training to over 100 parents at morning workshop.

OFPD Battalion Chief Raymond Kay, Lieutenant Mark Duke and District 135 nurse Donna Rehm assist parents in the hands-only CPR exercise.
OFPD Battalion Chief Raymond Kay, Lieutenant Mark Duke and District 135 nurse Donna Rehm assist parents in the hands-only CPR exercise.

The students of Century Junior High School have already had CPR and AED training, now it was their parents’ turn to practice life-saving skills on the mannequins.

Orland School District 135 and the Orland Fire Protection District collaboratively offered  Friends and Family CPR training at Century Jr. High on Feb. 6.

Over 100 parents enrolled in this life saving training of adult Hands-Only® CPR, child CPR, adult and child AED (automatic external defibrillator) use, infant CPR and relief in choking for adults, children and infants.

The Friends and Family CPR is geared towards adults who wish to have CPR and AED instruction but do not need certification for their job.

The class was provided in a dynamic group setting by the OFPD officials and District 135 nurses using the American Heart Association’s practice-while-watching technique.

“These cooperative programs are a great way to educate the community and potentially save someone’s life,” OFPD Battalion Chief Raymond Kay said

D135 has a committed history of providing these life-saving skills to students. Each year all seventh grade students (approximately 700 students) from the three junior high schools receive weeklong CPR and AED training as part of their physical education classes.

The District added the program in 2008 at the junior high level in an effort to provide students with training in the event of an emergency situation.

“We are happy to extend our training to the parents of the district,” Lynn Zeder said, director of curriculum for Dist. 135. “Over the years the district has trained thousands of students on CPR and AED and we are proud to partner with the OFPD in providing these life-saving skills.”

Source: Orland Dist. 135
Lynne Donegan February 25, 2014 at 09:41 AM
I have worked with Chief Kay and Lt. Duke for quite some time implementing different SCA/CPR programs. These are two stand up guys. It brought tears to my eyes to see how far this program has come. Something I started back in 2008 with a couple of DO Administrators. Thank you Lynn Zeder for keeping this going! It's about education, and helping someone in distress. Plain and simple!


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