Mitt Romney's Cairo Moment

What Mitt Romney's Cairo comments tell us about him.

There are moments in a political campaign when what one doesn’t say tells you as much about their core values than what they do say.  Romney had one of those moments last week.


Seizing on a press release issued by a lower level diplomat in Cairo who was trying to calm an increasingly dangerous situation, Romney fired off an e-mail to reporters saying it was “disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks”. He embellished his reckless statement the next morning at a news conference charging, “The statement that came from the Administration was a statement akin to an apology”. 


Romney knowingly was wrong on everything. The embassy statement was not approved by the Administration, it was issued hours before attacks on the Cairo embassy and deaths of the American diplomats in Libya occurred and the Administration’s first response was a very strong condemnation of the attacks.  There never was any apology.


Romney’s insensitivity to the human tragedy that was occurring was as disturbing as his crass attempt to politicize an international tragedy even as events were still unfolding.  His statement barely mentioned the death of a consulate worker and only as a predicate to criticize the Obama Administration. The human costs of the unfolding events never seem to have penetrated his conscience. And at no time did he seem to show any appreciation for the personal danger the diplomats in Cairo were in or any concern that his comments might endanger them more. If he did grasp the severity of their predicament he never allowed it to influence his decision to use the Cairo press release to bash the Obama Administration. Between his statement and his body language during his press conference next morning he did not come across as a president who would take into consideration the human consequences of decisions he might make. He came across as an insensitive technocrat, cold and analytical, like a CEO of a company, callously calculating how many employees to fire, or like a politician who only sees the benefits of tax cuts in a Paul Ryan budget and never the pain the budget will cause those worse off.  


Even Republicans were critical of Romney’s words and his demeanor. Talking about Romney’s press conference, Peggy Noonan, Wall Street Journal columnist and former speech writer for Ronald Regan and George H. W. Bush, indicted Romney’s character by saying, “At one point, he (Romney) had a certain slight grimace on his face when he was taking tough questions from the reporters. And I thought, ‘He looks like Richard Nixon.’


We know what he looked like, what he didn’t look like was a statesman ready to take his place on the world stage.


Ron Kurowski

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BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 02:08 PM
In the USA only Sarah Palin.Michelle Bachman and the TPARTY CHMAN Prebius has joined TWIT'S STUPIDITY that he called a apology the shoot first aim later like everything said is made up in the candidate's head,the irresponsible attack on the President after the attack is so Palin, Bachman,and their media outlets FOX and the Hillbilly Heroin King who never lets facts and truth get in the way of their lies this was one of the whoppers.was who cannot even define disgrace.
BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 03:05 PM
the morons are the TPARTY and true believers who think the 100 MILLION spent on so far is for politics it is for a multiple number of reasons including moving the Cayman island tax shelters closer to his RED ARMY partners in MACAU the TWITSTER and his corporate off shore tax dodgers cost the USA TREASURY 1 TRILLION since DUBYA took office and began creating jobs for the morons like BOB laird and now the TWIT and LYIN want their thieving hands on SSA-medicare and all the TRUST FUNDS for the BANKSTERS of WALL street and the RED ARMY partners who are believe it or not right now drilling in IRAN for the mullahs while the MORONS are being prepped for a MOSSAD STRIKE that would also endanger the HELLIBURTON oil platforms on KHARG island the kabuki performances are sellouts. So we get these imbecile POSTS by KNOW or low info TPARTYERS mostly Ron Paul delegates WHO WERE SHUT DOWN in TAMPA saying one candidates is a poster boy for either blind trusts are people too and the other a reckless debt spender which is typical DISINFORMATION from the wingnuts since it is THE SAME blind trusts political party that is responsible for both, the one they want us to relive after 8 years of prosperity for the RED ARMY-the CAYMAN ISLAND tax shelters and all the dead beats u van imagine.
BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 03:17 PM
Dubya's vision was only the first step and not even as radical as TWIT'S who obviously is still not comfortable with HIS bonanza's that have put his blind trusts into like hitting the LOTTERY BIG PRIZE EVERY DAY he and his fellow DEAD BEATS, slackers and moochers who give seminars on dodging and evading income taxes by making them offshore investments in a little ole building where 12,000 other corporate people are holed up or as they prefer situated in the caymans, the party that has lowered the CORPORATE taxes to less than 10% and rose PAYROLL TAXES as fast for the servants and peons wants us to wait for the details till after NOV to give us the news on the loopholes for the shrinking middle class he will close to pay for his LYIN and the rest of the 1% and wannabe TPARTY cuts AGAIN.
BUTCH September 25, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Vicky if Valerie Jarrett is a COMMIE what is the partner of the RED ARMY OFFSHORE OIL-GAS corporation now drilling in IRAN the ISLAMIST REPUBLIC of Persia SWORN ENEMY of Sheldon Adelson and Israel who also is the principal ( by millions) backer of TWIT and sole Vice LORD in all COMMIE CHINA. Twit at best is a DEAD BEAT OPPORTUNIST - hypocrite extraordinaire TPARTYER who has dual residency like MICHELLE BACHMAN(who loves those socialist perks in SWITZERLAND) don't u love their hypocrisy . TWIT has no health care in the CAYMANS and that is why he has his dual residency and maintains a home in MASSACHUSETTS, is there anything wrong with this snapshot?
SouthSide September 25, 2012 at 06:48 PM
Romney shambles are a daily occurrence. He has proven to be unfit for leadership, on many levels, not just his ridiculous reactions to real life goings on.


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