Michelle Esposito-Koler
A little about me...
I have worked in various industries since graduating from NIU.  Those industries include Advertising, Finance, Newspaper/Media, and Education.  Currently, I am a Reading Specialist in the suburbs of Chicago.  I consider myself a writer by trade and choice though.  I have been writing since grade school (young authors’ contests and various other creative writing assignments).  I wrote for my high school newspaper and literary magazine.  If it weren't for a teacher, Mrs. Nancy Steineke, I would not be writing today.  She is the reason why I continued to write and why I enjoyed writing so much.  She was never cruel in her criticism towards her students.  However, it is my parents who have always pushed me to write more.  They are also my inspiration to write.  While in college at NIU, I wrote for my school newspaper, The Northern Star, and the local news-station, TV8 as well.  At the "Star" I had a column, and I was in charge of the stories for the "Greek System" at NIU.  My experiences at TV8 were part of my degree program, but just a fun and rewarding. After I left NIU, I left the field of writing for a short time while working in corporate America.  When I had my child, I began writing again.  I guess you could say that becoming a mom was an inspiration. Over the years I have written dozens of stories for local newspapers and hopefully soon the blogg that I have started will become something more.  And lastly, what would a writer be without speaking about her favorite writers.  I love to read (most writers do), and I have read lots and lots of books by many different authors.  To name a few: Amy Krouse Rosenthall, Nicholas Sparks, Ayelet Waldman, John Scieszka, etc.  I just finished reading "The War on Moms" and "Bad Mother" (not what you would think), and I am starting (today as a matter of fact) Soledad O'Brien's "My Next Big Story".   
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