My family and I moved to DG in 1997.  We love DG and have 2 sons.  One attending Herrick Middle School and the other attends DGN High School.  Many know me as an active blogger who loves to engage in debate quite frequently dating back to the DgReport days.    
         A live long Chicagoan who grew up on Chicago's southwest side, I have seen it all in the political arena.  I have lived through both Mayor Daley's, Mayor Harold Washington and Mayor Jane Byrne.  Our mayors in DG since I've lived here are not even nearly as corrupt as these were!           I have always voted in every election local or national and am perplexed by the number of people who don't vote and are apathetic to the process.  Laws and taxes take a back seat I guess to these people who are usually the first to complain when the crap hits the fan!
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