Another Brush Fire Ignites in Orland Park Field

In the week since the last brush fire, hotspots have had to be repeatedly extinguished by the Orland Fire Protection District.

No one was injured Thursday when a brush field caught fire toward the west end of Orland Park.

The was first called out to 157th Street and Wolf Road about a grass fire. Following a column of smoke west of Wolf, firefighters found the fire in a field area near 157th Street and 116th Court, according to a release from the district.

Firefighters stopped the flames from spreading in about 15 minutes, and extinguished the blaze after about 45 minutes, according to the release. The fire’s cause is unknown as of Friday afternoon, though the dry conditions contributed.

No property was damaged, aside from the burnt plants and ground.

Two Orland engines, a truck and ambulance responded to the fire, along with a 2,000-gallon water tender from the Homer Township Fire Protection District, since the area is without a nearby fire hydrant, according to the release.

Hotspots Continue at Field Northwest of 143rd and Wolf

Well into the following week after , firefighters are still combating hotspots.

Peat soil was found under the surface where the fire burned, and can catch fire under the recent extreme dryness, according to the district.

Firefighters have returned Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, spending hours tracking hotspots with thermal cameras and quenching them, according to the district.

No one has been injured during these follow up checks.

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Orland Resident July 15, 2012 at 03:20 AM
God Bless Our Orland Park Firefighters!


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