Kustok Case Stalled While Evidence is Gathered

The court case for an Orland Park man accused of shooting his wife moves to another date without progress.

Allan Kustok looked back at his daughter Sarah and smiled briefly before turning to face Judge David Sterba in Courtroom 101.

But 59-year-old Kustok’s smile was the only different aspect to Friday’s court date at the Bridgeview Courthouse. All the court hearings since he pleaded not guilty in November to one count of first-degree murder in the shooting death of his wife Anita “Jeanie” Kustok have ended with continuances.

Despite informing the court on Jan. 21 that police reports relating to the case were in the hands of her office, Cook County Assistant State’s Attorney Jennifer Gonzalez said Friday that evidence is still being gathered.

“We are waiting on police reports and other labs,” Gonzalez said during the hearing.

Rick Beuke, defense attorney for Kustok, said before the hearing that he has not received any police reports or other discovery from the state relating to the case.

“It’s almost six months in and we’re still waiting,” Beuke said. “I’m sure when they get what they want, they’ll forward it along to us.

Allan Kustok is accused of shooting his wife with a .357 Magnum handgun purchased for their anniversary. On Sept. 29, Allan Kustok brought his wife of 34 years to Palos Community Hospital, wrapped in a bed sheet, after she had been shot, according to reports. He told police that he woke up that morning to a gunshot and found Jeanie Kustok lying dead, arms across her chest, with the gun still in her hand.

After an autopsy, Jeanie Kustok’s death was ruled a homicide. The Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office reported that given the evidence, she could not have shot herself, accidentally or otherwise.

Attorney Peter Rush, who is representing Allan and Jeanie’s children Zak and Sarah Kustok, attended Friday’s hearing, sitting with Sarah Kustok and other relatives. The family did not make a statement after the hearing though it has been expressed before that Zak, Sarah and the rest of the family believe Allan is innocent.

Kustok is still being held on $2 million bail and remains in the Kankakee County Jail.

He is scheduled to be in court again on March 28.

frank February 25, 2011 at 09:34 PM
Swift Justice-Common Sense Again, the public is treated as being stupid. One dept. doesn't know what the other dept. is doing. Oh yes, I'm sure the OPPD is actively seeking the wive's killer because the old man is just a person of interest entitled due process. When will the common sense PUBLIC awake to change this nonsense. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
john bruno February 26, 2011 at 12:50 AM
Whatever happened to the "Speedy Trial" rule? This is a joke.


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