Former Lisle Schools Business Manager Hired by D135

George Attaway is joining Orland School District 135 as a superintendent assistant, while the district’s business manager is on a “leave of absence.”

Orland School District 135 board members unanimously approved hiring George Attaway as an assistant to the superintendent.

Attaway, who worked as the Lisle Community Unit School District 202 assistant superintendent of business for 21 years, was hired to temporarily fill the gap left by a paid leave of absence taken by D135’s business manager John Reiniche.

District 135 has declined to disclose the nature of Reiniche’s leave or when he might return. Reiniche, who ordinarily attends district board meetings, has not been present at the last two meetings. Reiniche also declined to comment when contacted.

Attaway was hired to work on a bond series and similar efforts, according to D135 Superintendent Janet Stutz. The board voted in favor of his pay not to exceed $60,000.

“We were short handed,” Stutz said about what went into hiring Attaway. “Since his retirement, he’s worked as an assistant (at school districts) when there was a need, whether an absence of leave of absence.”

How long Attaway would be employed has not been determined yet, though Stutz anticipated that he would not be on through the end of the 2013-2014 school year. As part of his retirement guidelines, he can work no more than 600 hours for D135 during this stint, Stutz said.

“I think we’ll have to take it day by day now,” Stutz said, about how long Attaway will be employed by D135. “That’s why we did it not to exceed a certain dollar amount.”

Attaway also previously worked for Hinsdale Township High School District 86 as the district energy education specialist.

Stutz has not previously worked with Attaway, she said.

“It was a recommendation for me to work with him during this time when we’re kind of short staffed because of the leave of absence,” Stutz said following Monday night’s board meeting.

Attaway did not attending Monday night’s meeting.

The agenda for Monday night’s meeting listed “employee matters” as the topic for closed session discussion, though the board took no action after the session.

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